Terms & Conditions

When booking a package with 'Asleep At Last' the client agrees to these terms of service.

  • Follow safe sleep guidelines in line with current SIDS recommendations. 

  • Understand the safety guidelines on Co-sleeping and bed sharing if applicable. 

  • Disclose any medical condition or health concerns your child has.

  • The client agrees that 'Asleep at last' by its service does not provide medical information.

  • Check with paediatrician or doctor first if baby has any medical condition that may prevent them from being sleep trained safely.

  • The client will not disclose any information they receive from 'Asleep at last' to a third party without permission from 'Asleep at last'.


  • Full payment is required for all packages before starting. Once payment is received in full, the client will receive acknowledgment from 'Asleep at last' and a time frame of when to expect the assessment.

  • Once payment is made, if you decide to cancel within 72 hours, I will issue a full refund.

  • Once payment is made and if you decide to cancel after 72 hours, I will issue a refund minus 30% for the cost of sleep assessment preparation. 


Asleep at last does not offer any medical advice, services or treatment to any client. If you have concerns relating to a medical or nutritional issue we urge you to contact your doctor or pediatrician immediately. The information written on this website is not intended nor is implied to be a substitute for medical advice and should be treated as informative and educational purposes only.

Expectations of Success

Changes to your babies sleeping or eating arrangements that may be suggested are your decision of which you are responsible for choosing to implement. That said, we do work together in partnership to implement the changes suggested but it is essential that parents keep us informed of their progress daily. Failure to do so can lead to the sleep goals not being met as we agreed. Consistency and commitment are also essential for the changes to work as there is no magic wand to making a baby sleep, it does require hard work and a willingness for change.